The power of teamwork

We're a small team providing offensive security testing services and building tools to power them helping small businesses and large corporations maintain Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability of their data and resources.

Our mission is to make cybersecurity accessible to every businesses in the nation. We believe cyber security should not be a distant thought for small businesses and are willing to revise our pricing for them. We also provide our services free of cost service for non profit organizations.

Our Story

Where did it all begin?

Our story began at a security firm where our co-founders were working and were tired of the work environment and how things used to work. They were unsatisfied at the standard and quality of service provided by the firm. These events sparked an urge and that urge helped fuel the birth of CAIM.

What is CAIM's mission?

Reshape the accessiblity of cybersecurity for businesses. We sense that every unaudited and unattended systems will be hacked at some point in the future and our efforts are to prevent it. We are flexible and aim to reach small businesses as well who wants their systems tested without a hefty price.

What we are proud of?

We are proud of our journey in enhancing the security of products, applications, systems, data and the positive consequence our efforts will have on the internet connected space.

What matters to us

Our Commitment

At CAIM, we are willing to provide our services free of cost to any non profit organizations in the country. We will stay true to our commitment with our full capacity.

No Discrimination

Zero tolerance against discrimination on the basis of race, gender and knowledge. We aim to create a healthy environment for everyone working in the company. Our founders know the need of a high quality work environment for a company and does not take a chance in any compromises.


Most companies only wants to sell their products and force customers into a long contract. At CAIM, we want only the best for our customer. We provide the best penetration testing services and deliver what we promise. We do not sell any third party software to our clients.

Doing our part for a more secure connectivity.


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Kathmandu, Nepal 44600