We are a group of young cybersecurity enthusiasts, white-hat hackers, developers and cybersecurity professionals from the land of gurkhas. We provide best in class offensive security services in an innovative and flexible fashion sketched for organizations ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Offering the best solutions in the nation is our prime motive and we pride ourselves in working for greater good.


Why Us & What We Do

CAIM is a “boutique” cyber security consultation and solutions provider with a focus on offensive security providing tailored cyber security services to businesses and securing their products, applications, networks with penetration testing and security assessment. CAIM excels in web and mobile application penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, external infrastructure testing, internal security audit with a keen focus on reducing risks for companies. We are motivated to help companies build a sense of security, peace of mind and a sense of control over their assets exposed on internet.

At CAIM we analyze, hand pick and adopt only the industry-vetted standards, processes, technologies and security tools that can be adopted even by small businesses without being a financial burden in their budget which in return enhances the security stature of the business and the decisions made by them.

  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment
  • External Perimeter Security Assessment
  • Internal Penetration Testing
  • SDLC friendly penetration testing
  • Training and Consultation

Most of the competitors in the field claim to provide lots of services ranging from offense, defense, monitoring, etc. Our founders experienced this first hand that it is a corporate lie and the services are only for showcase purposes. At CAIM, we focus only on offensive security meaning we deliever what we promise.


CAIM is a bouquet of young talented individuals; developers, white hat hackers, pentesters and bug bounty hunters from the land of gurkhas filled with enthusiasm in leveraging offensive side of security working towards a uniform goal of securing digital assets and making internet a much safer place.


Our security team are hackers at heart, proficient in simulating real world attacks in a controlled manner to identify every possible weaknesses and misconfigurations. Our team have years of pure offensive security experience both in depth and breath from their penetration testing engagements as well as bug bounty.


Tailored Procedure


At CAIM, we understand that every organizations and businesses are unique in their own way. Without blatantly following every industry practices, we hand-pick and mould our engagement into the one best suited for our clients business structure.


Our working process is simple and clear. We take 20% upfront payment once the project is finalized and work with dedication to make sure we deliver what was presented and promised by us in a timely fashion.

Build and Break

We are continuously looking for new ideas to break an application. We do research, build in-house tools and integrate them into our methodology making our approach unique that supplements us to deliver more than others.


We can manage a one-off project or work as your outsourced security department for managing network security needs for your business. We can also work as your in-house security team and jointly work with your development team to develop a secure software.

At the commencement of year 2021 , we CAIM TECHNOLOGIES are a pioneer in providing offensive security services to organiations of every sector regardless of their size and budget.

Working alongsite different sectors in the nation along with the people involved have helped CAIM grow as a company and acquire a diverse clientele that have now become our permanent customers.


Some Reasons to choose us

Quality Service

Providing high quality service is our utmost priority and we assure that our services meets or exceeds your expectations. We listen to you, identify and then help you remediate every possible risks.


Our team are experienced in leveraging offensive security testing to complement our client's business security needs. Our teams have experience in securing big government projects, financial gateways, e-commerce, etc and leverage that experience in our engagements.


We believe in "No price fits all" formula. We define our pricing based on the scope of the assets our clients wants tested and we are even willing to revise our prices for small businesses.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what we thrive for and we handle our every engagement like its our first and last one; meaning we deliver the best service.


We are not affiliated with any third party software vendors thus our clients can rest assured that our only motivation factor is to solve our clients business security needs not to promote unnecessary products.


Employees are a company's greatest asset and we do not want our employees to be left behind as they always have to be a step ahead of hackers. Our employees are provided training opportunities on new technologies, latest trends, practices, techniques and aid for taking certifications.

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