We're hiring - help us power
next-gen offensive security testing

We're hiring - help us power next gen offensive security testing.


We're a small team providing offensive security testing and building tools to power them.

CAIM redefines the way businesses have to think about the accessibility of cybersecurity. We believe that cybersecurity should not be a distant thought for businesses and organizations with a low budget to spend on it. We present our offensive security services at a resonable price and even reconsider our pricing for small businesses who are helping the nation in these tough times. We rely on a range of automated and manual approaches, commercial and open source applications, and in-house tools and mechanisms during our engagement.


Our Values

At CAIM, we put values front and center. We are united to create, construct, influence and be part of something larger than ourselves.


We believe in a long term relationship and co-ordination with our clients than a one-off project. To achieve that we provide the finest blend of offensive security service and threat based consultation to our customers tailored according to their business model.


Cybersecurity should not be a distant thought for small businesses who are the core pillars of the country. We aim to change this and are willing to revise our prices for small businesses with an eye for security.


Being offensive can be good sometimes, not on a social gathering but in case of securing software it is quite good than being defensive all the time. Attack early than others, rest in leisure is what we belive in.


Most companies only wants to sell their products and force customers into a long contract. At CAIM, we want only the best for our customers. We provide the best penetration testing services and deliver what we promise. We do not sell any third party software to our clients.


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