Internal Penetration Testing


We Simulate Real World internal Attacks

Are your worried about the damage that can be done with a compromised account or a malicious employee on your internal network?

  • During internal audit, we get a trending view on the different ways an attacker can identify and exploit weaknesses inside the network to compromise critical devices and systems. (exploit done only after authorization)
  • Determine what categories of data and level of access can be gained after an attacker have gained access.
  • Test the strength of existing intrusion detection and response systems and assess if it properly notifies the designated department
  • Fulfill requirements of applicable regulations and compliance standards
  • Provide recommendations for patching the vulnerabilities discovered during the engagement



No Hidden Agenda

Not only on external security but organizations must consider evaluating their cybersecurity efforts from an attacker’s point of view who has already gained access to the internal network. Those with direct access to an organizations data pose the most significant threat overall. This is where conducting an internal pen test comes into play. In this stage our main motive is to identify what could be accomplished by an attacker who has internal access to your network.


Understand the enemy, map out the territory, develop a strategy and then attack are the tactics used my military. We implement similar approach during our engagement like maping out the application, understanding the functionality and then attacking it.


This process involves letting vulnerability scanner do its thing of looking for easy bugs and the tedious part for manually looking and probing functionalities in the application for functional and business logic vulnerabilites which the scanners cannot identify.

Post Exploitation

The most important part of a proper penetration test is making sure we can properly impart the knowledge about the findings. We provide a comprehensive report after our engagement as well as immediately notify in case a critical vulnerability is identified.


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