External Perimeter Security Assessment


We Simulate Real World External Attacks

Are your assets safe in this ever changing world of information security where a new attack occurs every 39 seconds?

  • Gain an understanding of your infrastructure and how much of your assets are exposed to the internet
  • During our engagement, we conduct our test from blackbox perspective to determine if your systems and security controls in place can sustain and notify you against a real world cyber attack.
  • We exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your internet facing applications and network that could be a point of entry for hackers and cyber criminals.
  • Provide a vulnerability assessment report for helping you assess the security position of your internet facing network, web and mobile products and help you strengthen it.



No Hidden Agenda

During external audit our focus is to test for vulnerabilities to review the chances of being attacked by any remote attacker. By exploiting the discovered vulnerabilities (authorization required), we focus on penetrating into the internal network and try to escalate our access and mimic the actions of a real world attacker.


Understand the enemy, map out the territory, develop a strategy and then attack are the tactics used my military. We implement similar approach during our engagement like maping out the application, understanding the functionality and then attacking it.


This process involves letting vulnerability scanner do its thing of looking for easy bugs and the tedious part for manually looking and probing functionalities in the application for functional and business logic vulnerabilites which the scanners cannot identify.

Post Exploitation

The most important part of a proper penetration test is making sure we can properly impart the knowledge about the findings. We provide a comprehensive report after our engagement as well as immediately notify in case a critical vulnerability is identified.


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