Mobile Application Security Assessment


We Help Secure your applications

Are the API and web services connecting your mobile applications free of vulnerabilities?

  • Perform static and dynamic analysis of mobile applications.
  • Prform checks for improper sensitive client side data storage.
  • Strengthen and secure the api connecting the mobile app with the server.
  • Verify if client-side protection mechanisms such as source code obfuscation and SSL pinning are in place.
  • Ensure that the application is protected from vulnerabilites such as unauthenticated access, data disclosures, OWASP Mobile Top 10 and lesser known mobile vulnerabilites.
  • At the very least, help deliver a more secure application.



No Hidden Agenda

In the increasing reliance on mobile applications, cyber security testing for mobile applications has become more important in helping to determine if security controls are operating as intended and how well the information assets, including intellectual property, is protected. At CAIM, we inspect all known vulnerabilities in mobile applications and inform you of even the small weaknesses that could lead to vulnerabilities.


Understand the enemy, map out the territory, develop a strategy and then attack are the tactics used my military. We implement similar approach during our engagement like maping out the application, understanding the functionality and then attacking it.


This process involves letting vulnerability scanner do its thing of looking for easy bugs and the tedious part for manually looking and probing functionalities in the application for functional and business logic vulnerabilites which the scanners cannot identify.


The most important part of a proper penetration test is making sure we can properly impart the knowledge about the findings. We provide a comprehensive report after our engagement as well as immediately notify in case a critical vulnerability is identified.


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