Web Application Security Assessment


We Help Secure Your Web Application

Are there any vulnerabilities in your web application that can cripple your whole IT infrastructure?

  • Using similar techniques and tools of real world attackers in a controlled manner, we can identify critical vulnerabilities or even the smallest weak configuration in the web application which can be combined with other vulnerabilities to compromise the whole system.
  • In case a critical vulnerability is found during an engagement, we notify you immediately to prevent it from being exploited in the mean time.
  • Thorough scan and probing for detecting any publicly known vulnerabilties affecting the application and the infrastructure hosting it.
  • Ensure the application is protected from OWASP Top 10 and other lesser known vulnerabilites.
  • Help you discover context based business logic weaknesses that vulnerability scanners cannot detect.



No Hidden Agenda

Leverage an attacker's perspective, techniques and strategic simulations to improve the overall security posture of the web application. CAIM works with you to assess the application's capabilities against real-life threats, uncover vulnerabilities before adversaries can exploit them and build a valuable learning experience along the way. We work to ensure a longterm co-ordination and partnership rather than a one-off project.


Understand the enemy, map out the territory, develop a strategy and then attack are the tactics used my military. We implement similar approach during our engagement like maping out the application, understanding the functionality and then attacking it.


This process involves letting vulnerability scanner do its thing of looking for easy bugs and the tedious part for manually looking and probing functionalities in the application for functional and business logic vulnerabilites which the scanners cannot identify.


The most important part of a proper penetration test is making sure we can properly impart the knowledge about the findings. We provide a comprehensive report after our engagement as well as immediately notify in case a critical vulnerability is identified.


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